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Common Causes and Solutions to Repair Roof Leaks

Every homeowner in South Shore Massachusetts realizes that their roof may require maintenance and perhaps replacement due to damage, degradation, or simply old age. In July 2021, around 1700 homeowners in Massachusetts experienced electricity outages due to a storm. Water leaks from storms not only make your house vulnerable to germs, but they may also cause structural damage. 

From little leaks to significant cracks, we’ll assist you in identifying and addressing the most frequent roofing issues in the South Shore area.

What Are the Common Causes of Water Leaks?

Drainage Obstructions

While hair, filth, and debris can obstruct your drains’ water flow, they can also cause them to rupture or break over time. Untreated clogs can cause increased pressure within the drains, causing the water to strain and damage your water pipes.

High Water Pressure

The majority of the time, you have no influence over high water pressure. High water pressure can be caused by living in areas with hills, big buildings, or near fire hydrants. Speak with your plumber about how you may control the water pressure in your house. High water pressure can seriously damage your pipes. The typical water pressure in your house should be 60 psi (per square inch), and your plumbing system is intended to tolerate a maximum of 80 psi.

Worn Out Seams

This is one of the most prevalent reasons for flat roof leaks, as well as one of the more costly concerns to repair. The seams between components in a roof, whether composed of rubber sheets or metal panels, constitute a key vulnerability. These seams break down over time, allowing a lot of water to seep into your roof. We propose our roof repair technique for this sort of large-scale leak because it strengthens the joints, making them stronger than when the roof was new.

Screws that have rusted or rotted

The metal roof panels that make up these roofs are long-lasting and leak-proof – they hold up well. The screws or fasteners that hold them in place, on the other hand, represent their vulnerability. These screws are prone to rusting or rotting, causing gaps in your metal roof that allow water to flow through. This is one of the first areas we’ll examine if you call us to look for a flat roof leak on your metal roof. Our roof repair technique strengthens the screws on a metal roof in the same way as it does the seams.

Leaks Around Protrusions

If your roof is utilized to house required equipment such as ventilation pipes, HVAC system, or the like, this can cause permanent flat roof leaks. This is because small gaps can exist between the main equipment and the roof surface to allow rainwater to enter through the roof. This might be the source of leaks discovered following work on one of those rooftop systems. The good news is that competent commercial leak repair can close these gaps quickly and at a reasonable cost.

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While all of these issues may affect your budget, there are methods to reduce and mitigate any worse damages to your property. If you need assistance with these difficulties, roofing contractors are the finest alternative. They may also repair any problems with wood shingles, cedar shake shingles, or other New England roofing materials. When it comes to roofing difficulties, Roof Experts South Shore MA can provide you with the greatest services. Residential roofing, roof installation, roof repair and replacement, gutter installation, and many more services are available. If you think that anything is wrong with your roof, our staff is ready to provide you information and help. And, if you suspect something, we always urge that you have it checked out by our specialists as soon as possible.

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