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There are a few things that every home needs to have. The first is the door. You need to get inside to be able to call it home, right? Another is the windows. Sure, you could call it home even without windows, but it would be a pretty sad home. And to take it to the next level of comfort, we offer skylight installation. These are all things that our multi-skilled team at Coastal Roof Experts South Shore MA is happily able to provide for our clients. When combined, it’s these little elements that give you a home that reflects your unique style. To protect your house, we can also assist you with gutter installation and repair.


There are so many benefits to windows, even though we don’t always give them the appreciation they deserve. The impact the sunshine can have on our mood is pretty phenomenal, and to be able to have that from indoors is something we don’t often think much about. Whether you want to have just a few windows installed for ventilation or a complete window wall to get the most out of the view from your home, or even replace your windows, we are here to help. We make sure you get everything that you need out of a window, whether it be strength, sound minimizing, or tinting.

If you want to incorporate more light along with energy efficiency into your home, the best place to get it is through the ceiling! When a skylight is done well, it will give your home that extra touch of luxury. Plus, it will help you save on your electricity bills. You will really get a lot of benefits with skylights! A single skylight can completely transform the feel of your home with natural light. And Coastal Roof Experts South Shore MA is here to help you. We understand how to maximize the use of skylights throughout your home.

If you pick the right one, a door can be a feature of your home and set the tone when you take the first step inside. Sure, you can have any old door if the real magic is on the inside, but don’t underestimate the impact a nice door can have. Whether it has glass or wrought iron incorporated or just a nice timber with some fancy doorknobs. Of course, they need to sit right so that you can use them properly and avoid frequent door replacement!

Every project we do at Roof Experts South Shore MA, we treat as though we were working on our own home. This is why our clients always know they are in safe hands when working with us. Our skylight installation team, as well as our door installers and window installers, are skilled and committed to doing the job right. If you have any questions while we are onsite getting the job done for you, we would be more than happy to walk you through our process. If you want to know more about our services, call us at 781-423-1439!