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Have You Inspected your Shingled Roof?

There are many aspects to consider with a Shingled Roof:

South Shore Roofing Pros - Have You Inspected your Shingled Roof

Is it standing the test of time?
A shingled roof is prone to damage. Strong winds and storms compromise individual shingles. Others may break due to the heavy rain, tree branches, and flying debris.

Where do you live?

A Shingled roof is unlikely to stand the test of severe storms, strong winds, and hurricanes.  In many cases, a strong roof is the strongest defense for the rest of the house.  Consider other options if you experience tornados, hurricanes, etc.


Was your roof installed correctly? Repairing a leaking roof often involves considerable expenses, especially if left for years. Beams, sidings, and other wooden fixtures may be rotting, which leads to other issues.

Curling and Peeling

Weather changes and the age of shingles and is the main cause of curling. Curled shingles detract from the appearance of your house. They are a definite problem with the value of your home. You will need to replace your roof once curling sets in.

The Unknown with Repairs and Maintenance

The layout of a shingled roof makes it difficult to undertake repair and maintenance work. The construction and design can also cause an accident when working on the roof if you don’t have the history and experience.

South Shore Roofing Pros - Have You Inspected your Shingled Roof 2

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