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Pros and Cons of a Gable Roof

One of the most important structures of the home or any building is the roof. A solid and durable roof protects you from rain and snow. It serves as a shield against different elements. The roof also increases the value of the home and adds to the home’s curb appeal. Whether you are planning to sell your house in the near future, or plan to stay there forever, be sure to invest in high-quality roofing materials. Air leaks are caused by a poor roofing system or not having proper attic ventilation and insulation. Top quality materials and installation will safeguard against air leaks and improve the energy efficiency of your home. 

Important aspects must be considered in choosing the right roof for the home. Among these are style and architecture, climate, price, and curb appeal. There are several types of roofs. Some of the most common ones are: hip roof, butterfly roof, pyramid roof, flat roof, mansard roof, saltbox roof, and gable roof. In the US, the most commonly used is the gable roof. It is easier to recognize because of its triangular shape. This variety is not just sturdy and easy to build but can also go well with any roofing materials like asphalt shingles, metal, cedar shakes, clay, or concrete tiles. However, this is not ideal for every home. Let us discuss the pros and cons of a gable roof.


Cost-effective and Easier to Install

This type of roof does not require a long time to install because its shape and design are simple. Because it is easy to install, it is also less expensive. The roofing construction material is also less complex and only requires a wood frame or lightweight steel. 

Rain and Snow Resilient

With a steeper slope, the roof easily sheds water and snow. This means water doesn’t pool on the roof after a heavy rainstorm and mounds of snow won’t collect there adding extra weight to the roof. Hence, it can provide more space for ventilation and prevent further damages. It also minimizes leakage. 

Provides Extra Space for Storage and Cooler Temperature

A typical gable roof design offers additional space for storage with vents that can control moisture and temperature in the house. Properly designed vents enable the attic to control the overall temperature of the home. 

It has a Versatile Design

The angle of the roof can be adjusted according to your design and your home model. The front, side, cross, and box gables have different functions and advantages. It also blends well with almost all roofing materials. 

Pros - Pros and Cons of a Gable Roof South Shore Roofing MA


Cons Pros and Cons of a Gable Roof-South-Shore Roofing-MA

Vulnerable to Extreme Weather

A Gable roof is not ideal in hurricane-prone areas. This type of roof is more suitable in regions that rarely have hurricanes or tornados. If hit by strong winds, the roof construction can collapse. 

It May Collapse if Installed Poorly

The design may be simple but if constructed poorly it may collapse. To avoid this issue, be sure to hire competent and certified contractors and designers.

Frequent Repairs and Replacement

Gable roofs are vulnerable to winds. It is inevitable to call the roofer from time to time for repairs or replacements. It’s not just hurricanes that can damage the roof. Heavy rainfall, snowstorms, ice, and just day-to-day exposure to the sun can cause damage overtime. 

Before you embark on new construction, it is best to consult the roofing contractors in your area. Roof Experts South Shore MA can help you understand and address your concerns. We’re a local business based in Quincy, MA, but we provide our services throughout the South Shore.  We don’t just offer roofing services but all other services that will protect your home and make it safe for your family. These services include siding, windows, skylights, doors, and gutter repairs and replacements. Consistency and quality are important when it comes to home construction and repairs. Check our website or call 781-423-1439 for more information. 

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