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The Pros and Cons of Skylights

Skylights are important additions to a home, especially today when the cost of electricity continues to rise. Both residential and commercial properties can enjoy the beauty and usefulness of skylights. It’s a part of a roof that looks like an open window where natural light can pass through during the day and allows you to see the stars in the sky at night.

Aside from their aesthetic appeal, skylights promise other highly desirable benefits. However, installation and maintenance might present issues that you will want to know about before committing to them. Therefore, making the right decision also requires that you learn the pros and cons of skylights to weigh things first.

Pros of Skylights

· More natural light can enter your home.

Skylights are naturally transparent in appearance, which lets more natural light from outside into your home. It helps brighten up any area in your home, such as the kitchen and the bathroom. Using electricity for lighting from day until night can be expensive. With a skylight installed, you’ll be able to take advantage of the sun’s light.

More natural light can enter your home - Coastal Roof Experts South Shore MA

· It makes an area more attractive.

It makes an area more attractive - Coastal Roof Experts Abington MA

The view of the sky at night is beautiful. This can change the entire ambiance and vibe of your home, something that cannot be achieved with normal roofing. At the same time, staying in a well-lit room or area can be more inviting than a gloomy one.

· Better airflow can be achieved.

A venting skylight is desirable because of its ability to provide fresh air inside a room anywhere in your home, like your bathroom, where there is not much fresh air coming through. Natural cooling is made possible with this kind of skylight as well and can be very useful during summer or in places where it is always warm.

Better airflow can be achieved - Coastal Roof Experts Avon MA

· Makes a room look larger.

Makes a room look larger - Coastal Roof Experts Braintree MA

The natural light from the sun has the natural effect of making a room look much larger than it really is. For people with claustrophobia or those with a fear of enclosed spaces, the moonlight at night can help illuminate the room and make the ceiling feel wider.

Cons of Skylights

· Expensive

Installing and maintaining your skylight in perfect shape can be expensive. As much as the decrease in your monthly bills is, the amount of money you need to put a skylight in can be an investment. Skylights are naturally prone to leaks which calls for a regular checkup by expert roofers near you. In addition, some insurance companies take note of this disadvantage and add it to the price of your premiums.

Expensive - Coastal Roof Experts Bridgewater MA

· Prone to roof leaks

Prone to roof leaks- Coastal Roof Experts Brockton MA

Depending on the kind of roof you have, skylights can cause damage to your roof later on, especially if it is a truss roof. Large skylights create structural damage to the roof, which may cost you more, too. Yet, if your home has the standard roof frame, you’ll likely have no issues at all with most kinds of skylights.

· Prone to interior damages

The UV rays from the sun and the heat from it can easily come through with a skylight. Thus, your furniture may be at risk of interior damage because of a skylight. In such a case, it’s important to make sure that your skylight is laminated or has tempered glass with a tinted coating so it can also control the heat and UV from outside. Otherwise, you’ll need to cover your furniture to avoid any future damage.

Prone to interior damages - Coastal Roof Experts Canton MA

Most Wanted Skylight Contractor

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Most Wanted Skylight Contractor - Coastal Roof Experts Cohasset MA

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