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Is It Time to Replace Your Front Door?

The front door of your house is the very first thing that greets you and your visitors. It needs to be as presentable and as sturdy as possible to avoid intruders from entering. Your front door contributes to the aesthetic appeal of your home and serves as the first line of defense for your family. Over the years that it has served you; do you think it’s time you replace it with a new one?

Signs That It’s Time to Replace Front Door

There are several ways to tell whether your front door needs to be replaced or not. Yet, this skill is common only to experts. As a homeowner, you can still check yours at home with the help of the signs listed below.

1. The front door is hard to open and close.

This is a common issue among houses because of a screw that’s not properly screwed and needs tightening. Another more complicated issue in your front door would be the existence of a warped and poorly aligned door jamb. A replacement may be necessary in this situation, and a repair will not be enough.

The front door is hard to open and close - South Shore Roofing

2. Drafts are coming from the entry door.

Energy-inefficient doors have drafts due to the changing weather. A front door may not be capable enough of preventing the cold or hot air from leaking out. If the temperature in the room does not remain stable, it will eventually cause an increase in your energy bills.

3. The storm door has dents, dings, and rust.

When your storm door becomes damaged or cracked, the safety and security of your family is at risk. These signs indicate that there is damage to its structural integrity. Such condition of your storm door becomes an invitation for burglars and thieves.

The storm door has dents, dings, and rust - South Shore Roofing Pros

4. It is damaged and is almost falling apart.

Your family’s protection starts from that front door. It is dangerous to have a damaged or soft door in use for longer than necessary. It can no longer shelter your family and property from intruders because it’s so easy to open even from outside. Don’t wait until the day that your front door becomes very weak before you replace it.

5. There’s little to no control of the noise outside.

You need to replace your front door if it cannot prevent unwanted noise from being heard inside your house. This is very important, especially if you have an infant who is very sensitive to noise. With the proper door, you can sleep well at night even if you are living near the busy street or in high-traffic ahead.

There’s little to no control of the noise outside - South Shore Roofing Pros

Trusted Roofing Pros to the Rescue!

Your home’s initial protection against anything starts from the top and the sides. At Roof Experts South Shore MA, we’ll take charge of maintaining the good condition of your roof and doors. We offer affordable and one-of-a-kind service from our top professionals in roofing. Let us help you with your roof replacement, door and window installation, and siding projects.

When you hire us, our experts will take their time to visit your place and examine it. We’ll see to it that no issue will be left unresolved. If we think it’s time to have your roof and doors replaced, we’ll talk to you and share your ideas with us. We are a team of professionals always available to assist. Contact us at 781-423-1439.

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