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What You Need to Know About Roof Flashing: Types and Meaning

Roof Flashing Roof Experts South Shore MA

Are you thinking about having a roof replacement soon? Then maybe you are experiencing problems with the water that gets into your roof when it’s raining. Aside from the sheet-like material you see on top of your house, its part that is called roof flashing plays an important role in keeping your home safe and dry all the time.

Roof flashing is one part of the roof that many homeowners do not know about and often neglect. This material is what we place in the cracks and spaces in the roof to prevent water from entering. It is made of thin material which is placed underneath the shingles to direct water in another direction away from your roof. As a homeowner, it is necessary to make yourself aware of roof flashing and its different types.

Types of Roof Flashing

Types of Roof Flashing Roof Experts South Shore MA

1. Continuous Flashing

Apron Flashing - Roof Experts South Shore MA

It is also called an “apron flashing” because of its resemblance to an apron. Continuous flashing is a long, single metal that is spread downward to direct water to the shingles waiting underneath. During the changing seasons, a home contracts or expands. This long continuous flashing has the tendency to warp and crack.

2. Base Flashing

Base Flashing - Roof Experts South Shore MA

Water is prevented from reaching the roof deck using this type of roof flashing. Base flashing is placed at a joint between a wall and the roof surface for complete protection during heavy rain. This is often made of metals like copper and aluminum.

3. Counter Flashing

Counter Flashing - Roof Experts South Shore MA

This type of flashing is intended to prevent moisture from getting into the sidewall flashing or behind the vertical flange. A counter flashing is often made of galvanized steel and is placed on the chimney.

4. Step Flashing

Step Flashing - Roof Experts South Shore MA

The flashing that keeps the walls of your house dry is called step flashing. It’s a rectangular flashing that is bent in the middle and will be placed on several layers to ensure that no drop of water will get away near the walls of your home.

5. Skylight Flashing

Skylight Flashing - Roof Experts South Shore MA

Literally, this is the type of flashing that is attached around the skylight of your roof. Skylights and skylight flashing are the ones that protect your home from extreme weather conditions such as snow and storm. This creates a seamless, clean look for being attached to your windows or skylight.

6. Kick-out Flashing

Kick out Flashing - Roof Experts South Shore MA

From the name itself, kick-out flashing is used to kick away the rainwater on your roof and bring back the good condition of your roof. During a heavy rain, it directs the water from your roof to the gutter of your home.

Importance of Roof Flashing

Importance of Roof Flashing - Roof Experts South Shore MA

Without a properly installed flashing on your roof, its vulnerable parts may be penetrated easily with water. Roof flashing provides areas in the roof that are prone to leaks and water damage with the right protection. In areas of your roof that need a better shield from the rainwater, roof flashing is installed. This can be between the skylight perimeters and the chimney, along with other places. By having good quality roof flashing, maintaining roofs in perfect shape for many years is possible.

Roofing Experts of South Shore Area

Roofing Experts of South Shore Area - Roof Experts South Shore MA

Your home is your shelter and refuge from the elements outside. Likewise, your home’s number one protection is its roof. If not provided with proper maintenance and care, it too can be damaged and eventually make your home unsafe. Roof damage starts from a small leak on the ceiling until it becomes a big disaster during a typhoon, leaving buckets of water everywhere.

Roof Experts South Shore MA will be at your doorsteps right away when you seek our assistance. We highly value the safety of your family and are here to respond to your need whenever and wherever you are in Quincy, MA and the surrounding area.

Inspecting your roof is the first step in performing roof maintenance. You’ll have to climb up the ladder and walk on the steep sides of your roof. Let us handle that for you and save yourself from the worries. We have highly-trained roofers to get that job done safely. Get your roof ready for snow and heavy rain today. Call us at 781-423-1439.

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